Hillcrest Sinful Pleasure


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Sinjen was bred by Brittney MacNeill of Hillcrest Border Collies in Oregon. Brittney is the breeder of many performance and working champions including the #4 All Time/All Breed Top Winning AKC Agility Dog, "Vixen."   

Sinjen is a reflection of her outstanding pedigree.  Her dam,  Hillcrest Living On The Edge "Risk," was a Finalist at USDAA Grand Prix Nationals in 2008.  Risk is a littermate to the dam of Kelsey Kirkpatrick's "Ace," an AKC National Finalist and to Jessica Ajoux's "Psyche," an USDAA National Finalist.

Sinjen's sire is Floss Granting Pleasure "Spritz."   He is an import from Germany and the famous Granting Pleasure  line of Agility border collies.  Spritz competed in the IFCS World Championships in Ft. Worth Texas in 2012. Spritz littermates and full brothers and sisters have become some of the top winning Agility dogs in Europe including Sylvia Trkman's "Bu," a European Open Winner and Sylvia Vaanholt's Amazing Gil Granting Pleasure, an FCI World Champion, just to name a few.  

Sinjen is about 19.5 inches tall and 39 lbs.  She has a black and white medium coat.  She is well balanced and moves fluidly.  She has an outgoing and friendly temperament with other dogs and people, erring on the side of submission in the case of an intimidating person or dominant dog.  She is CEA clear by parentage.

Sinjen may be "The Little Engine That Could," but when working, she runs with "all cylinders wide open!"  Extremely fast and agile, Sinjen is a powerful jumper and has a naturally tight jumping arch when responding to turning cues.  Her first time competing in AKC Time To Beat at 17 months of age, she clocked the fastest time in ALL jump heights.

As far as "smarts,"  Sinjen is confident and unrattled by things in her environment, she takes direction easily, and is not a pushy dog.  Sinjen responds with focus and intensity when given direction and handles pressure with a calm demeanor (Sinjen responds to a new combination of cues at 1:56 on vid).  

Sinjen seemed to have naturally good impulse control from the beginning and is able to tune out the overwhelming distractions of the competition ring  (here at her first trial at 15 months).   Having only just started her Agility career, Sinjen has advanced to AKC Excellent Standard at 17 months of age.  We expect lots of fun from this girl in the near future in both Agility and Herding. 

Already demonstrating a beautiful and stylish instinct to herd, Sinjen has just started her herding training.   Successfully introduced to goats,  Sinjen's training on sheep will be continued in the near future.  She has a natural "lie down" and lots of distinctive border collie "Eye."  When working outside, Sinjen has plenty of endurance, although she is game to cool off with a dive into any water source, anytime.

Sinjen is loved and cherished as one of only three dogs in our household.  My kids consider her to be their strange and wonderful comedienne and confidant and she romps with them on 10 acres in Rowlett, Texas.  She is my BFF, training partner and teammate!

Sinjen's breeder, Brittney, can be reached here: hillcrestbcs@gmail.com

I'm Sinjen's owner, Bonnie Norris, and can be reached here: Wyndrunhr@aol.com